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Mary Jane and Granny and Susie
      RV Travel around the Great Basin


October - November 2005

A month-long trip of 3735 miles circling the Great Basin . . .


to the Avenue of the Giants


in the Redwoods

of Northern California




south to Yosemite National Park in the Sierras


California Ground Squirrel


El Capitan

Half Dome

The Ahwahnee Hotel

Lunch time with Granny

at the best table ~

by the big window at the end


of the Ahwahnee Dining Room


then south to Needles and

on to

old Route 66


steep and winding

in western Arizona


narrow sharp curves

for an RV






Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

South Rim


Painted Lady



up to Glen Canyon and Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border



then northwest to Great Basin National Park and the Lehman Caves


in eastern Nevada

formation in Lehman Caves

Wheeler Peak of Great Basin NP



and across the Great Basin of Western Utah and Nevada

where north-south valleys and mountain ranges

alternate in a corduroy-like pattern

  in what is called Basin and Range 



and finally, encountering a foot of snow in southern Oregon


the RV finally ready to leave, with chains and roof swept to get the slideout in





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