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Saint François Flora and Fauna Nightlife Petite Terre Day Trip


Mary Jane and Granny travel
to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies ...

May-June 2003



Guadeloupe is in the French West Indies in the tropics of the Eastern Caribbean, at a latitude of     16© North of the Equator.

The culture is a Creole mix of French, African, and East Indian.

Guadeloupe has two main islands and many small ones.

It is shaped like a butterfly.

On the west is Basse-Terre, which is mountainous and wet with a volcano and rain forests.

On the east is Grande-Terre, with rolling hills and limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches.

Saint François, where we stayed, is in the southeast corner of Grande-Terre

This map also shows the outer islands, including Iles de la Petite Terre to the southeast of St. François.



Saint François:

The Marina and

the Green Blue Houses

Saint François Flora and Fauna Nightlife Petite Terre Day Trip

After looking at all the maps and photos on all these pages, read the full story of the trip on Granny's Website under The Orphan and The Boot

The Orphan and the Boot Go to Guadeloupe


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