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Mary Jane and Granny and Susie
       RV Travel to Southwest Canyon Country


April-May 2004



A six-week trip of 4600 miles to the Four Corners and back ...


Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, Collier State Park, Oregon


... from the Klamath Lakes Complex down along the High Sierras

to Death Valley in Eastern California ...

Klamath Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Oregon and California


White Pelicans


Death Valley National Park




Death Valley Sand Dunes




... to the fiery heat of Red Rock Canyon

and Valley of Fire in Southern Nevada ...


Joshua Tree, Red Rock Canyon

Valley of Fire



... to the dramatic high Canyon Country of the Four Corners ...


Zion National Park






Grand Canyon National Park

North Rim



Bryce Canyon National Park



Capitol Reef National Park



 ... to the Navajolands in Arizona and Colorado ...



Left and Right Mitten, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Utah and Arizona


Canyon de Chelly National Monument




Mesa Verde National Park



and the return through Wyoming and Idaho to the Great Northwest ...


Flaming Gorge

Utah and Wyoming


with Susie

the RV dog




The last night at Charbonneau Park near Pasco


encountering mostly beautiful weather ... with temperatures from 102˚ in Southern Nevada down to 22 overnight at Bryce Canyon in Utah ...



... elevations from 282 feet below sea level to passes over 10,000 feet ...



Badwater Basin, Death Valley

Snow in the Sawtooths, Idaho


... and gas prices from $1.77 to $3.09 per gallon ...



Grand Canyon North Rim

Panamint Springs, Death Valley



Map showing the route south through Oregon

 down eastern California to the southern tip of Nevada
then around the Four Corners Canyon Country
and back through Wyoming and Idaho to the Northwest
See the links below for many more photographs of the six-week Spring RV Trip including:
      Overview and highlights of the RV trip to Canyon Country
Oregon & California
    Klamath Marsh & Klamath Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Complex
     Mono Lake, California
     High Sierras, California
     Death Valley National Park, California
     Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada
     Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Utah and Arizona Canyonlands
     Zion National Park, Utah
     Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah
     Grand Canyon National Park North Rim, Arizona
More Utah Canyonlands
     Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
     Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
     Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah
     Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah
Arizona and Colorado Navajolands
     Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah and Arizona
     Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona
     Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Utah and Wyoming and Idaho
     Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah and Wyoming
      Bear Lake and Gray's Lake, Idaho
     Sawtooth Mountains and Salmon River, Idaho


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